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The TOEFL iBT Paper Edition Test

The same TOEFL iBT test, on paper and at home

The TOEFL iBT Paper Edition test is the same 4-skills TOEFL iBT test administered in a test center or at home. It is just delivered on paper and given in twotesting sessions — Reading, Listening and Writing on paper at a test center, and Speaking on a computer at home to meet your English-language proficiency requirements- a convenient option for test takers who prefer to test on paper.

The Reading, Listening, and Writing sections will be taken on paper at a test center of your choosing.

As the Speaking section is taken at home, make sure you meet all related Environment and Equipment requirements before you register for it.

Also, make sure to review TOEFL iBT® Information Bulletin (PDF) for India to clearly understand the policies and procedures you’ll need to follow.

Why Choose the TOEFL Paper Edition


A lot of test taker around the world prefer to take a high stakes test such as a TOEFL iBT test with the surety of paper and pencil as opposed to a computer, in the comfort of a proper testing environment at an equipped test center.


The paper testing format for TOEFL iBT makes for a convenient experience as the Reading, Listening, and Writing sections will be taken on paper at a test center of your choosing. You will then have to take the Speaking section at home on a computer, with a human proctor for online invigilation, 3 days after the paper sections have been completed.


With the paper edition, you get unlimited free score reports to send to institutions. You can order them when you register or any time after your test. There’s also a TOEFL iBT Paper Edition practice test to help you get familiar with the printed format.

At the end of the test, you can choose to report or cancel your scores. If you cancel, your scores will be canceled for the whole test, including the speaking section.

You will receive your scores 11 to 13 business days after your speaking test. Paper edition score reports include MyBest scores, which combine your scores from multiple tests. If you need to send additional free score reports, you can do so in your ETS account. Comfort, convenience, value, that’s the TOEFL iBT Paper edition.