Get Complete Certificate Test Administration (CTAS) with ETS®

Make your institution an ETS® test centre with CTAS certification. Follow the instructions below and begin your registration process.

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Complete CTAS Certification

You can begin your process of getting a CTAS certification for your institution by filling out this application form.
In case of any issues while submitting the application form, please scan and email the form to , or print the form and fax to 1-609-406-5360.


    Step 02 :
    Test Site Location Address

    Step 03 :
    Institute Shipping Address


    Step 04 :
    Internet Delivered Testing:



    Benefits of CTAS Certification

    By becoming an ETS ® test centre, your institution expands the academic future of candidates across the globe, offering opportunities for success. CTAS enables your institution to:

    • Attract new students
    • Set the ball rolling for internet-delivered testing
    • Encourage international education
    • Offer valuable student service
    • Get access to ETS® products