These refund and cancellation terms (“R&C Terms”) describe our practices and policy with respect to the rescheduling and cancellation of tests requested by test-takers or their authorized users (“Test-Takers” or “you” or “User”) and the terms related to refund of fees paid , as adopted by ETS with reference to their Products & Services.

For the purposes of this Policy, unless defined hereunder, all terms shall have the meaning ascribed to them under the Terms of Use available at (“Terms”).

(A) General

ETS reserves the right to refuse or cancel any request for a test made by a Test-Taker or User at its sole discretion. Additionally, we may refuse or cancel any requests where we suspect any fraudulent transactions, transactions made contrary to the Terms and other website policies, or where we may not be able to fulfill the request for any reason outside the control of ETS, such as a Force-Majeure Event.

(B) Payment Terms

  • We do not accept cash payments. Payments must be made through the Website or through other means, apart from cash.
  • All payments must be made for the full amount due for the respective Product or Service;
  • We may not be able to provide Products & Services in the event of non-payment of fees due for such Products & Services;
  • Users are required to pay all outstanding balances incurred from prior ETS tests and/or services in full to register for any future ETS test or service;
  • Users registering online may be given the option to pay in Indian Rupees (INR);
  • During the payment process, you may be asked by your card-issuing bank to verify cardholder identity by entering an authentication code or a one-time password. Failure to enter the required information or entry of invalid information will result in the sale being rejected. If you don’t know your 3D-Secure passcode, password or have not received a one-time password or have not been given the option to enroll online in the bank’s pop-up screen, then you’ll need to contact your bank or respective institution;
  • ETS reserves the right to add or remove payment options at its own discretion and without any advance or additional notice to Users.

(C) Cancellation & Refund Terms

The below cancellation and refund terms are applicable to all requests for Products & Services placed through the Website and apply in different situations, circumstances and may be different for each Product & Service offered by us. The following constitute general refund and cancellation terms of our Products & Services:

  • No cash refunds would be processed by ETS in respect of Products & Services;
  • All refunds would be processed to the source account or payment mode which was utilized by the Test-Taker at the time of making payment towards the original test fee paid by you (“Test-Fee”) through our payment service provider;
  • If you opt to complete your transaction in a currency other than INR and subsequently request a refund, the refund will be settled in the prevailing foreign exchange rate, not the exchange rate at the time of the original transaction.
  • All refunds processed by ETS would be subject to taxes, as may be applicable;
  • Test-Takers are not eligible for refunds if you could not take the test because you did not follow proper registration procedures, no score is provided for the test, failed to be present, arrived too late to be admitted or failed to produce valid and acceptable identity proof at the test centers;
  • For payment made using credit, debit cards, bank accounts or other means, process of refund would be initiated by ETS with our payment providers and may take about 15 (fifteen) business days.

Cancellation by ETS: There may be certain instances in which we may not be able to provide you with our Products & Services, as identified above. In such situations where your order has been cancelled by us, you would be entitled to receive a complete refund of the Test Fee. However, where your Product or Service has been cancelled on account of a Force Majeure Event (as defined in the Terms of Use), we will not be liable or responsible in any manner for processing of cancellation or refund amounts to Test-Takers.

Cancellation by Test-Taker: The Test-Taker may request cancellation of any Product or Service ordered through the Website or otherwise. In such cases, the cancellation and refund terms may vary from product to product and service to service offered by ETS. We strongly advise you to carefully review and assess their respective ETS Test Bulletins prior to ordering or cancelling Products & Services. The cancellation and refund are typically determined based on a number of factors such as the type of test, date of cancellation until the scheduled date of the test (“Test Date”) and other factors.

We have provided the cancelation and refund terms applicable to some of our key tests below for ease of reference. However, we strongly advise Test-Takers to carefully re-review and re-assess their respective updated ETS Test Bulletins prior to requesting Products & Services as the ETS Test Bulletins may contain the most up to date information.

4-Day Deadline

  • Test-Takers are eligible for a refund if you cancel your registration by the deadline of 4 (four) days prior to your Test-Date (“4-Day Deadline”). For example, if your Test-Date is on Saturday, you must cancel by Tuesday;
  • For cancellations prior to the said 4-Day Deadline, you would be eligible to receive a refund of 50% (Fifty Percent) of the Test-Fee paid by you. The remainder of the Test-Fee will be retained to cover expenses for processing your registration and holding space at the test-center.
  • Refunds are limited to Test-Fee and are not processed for other products or services, such as test preparation materials, additional services, international test site fee or service fees.

This is applicable for TOEFL® Essentials™, TOEFL iBT® and ETS GRE®.