Manage your GRE® General Test Scores

The GRE® General Test scores are accepted as a standard assessment measure by thousands of global business, law, and specialization schools. The test is a great way to flaunt your aptitude and skills and let the admission officers know you have what it takes to thrive in an academic environment.

Understand more about your GRE® Test Scores and how these scores can help you get into an educational institute of your choice.

The GRE® General Test Scores Are Available On Your ETS
Account Within 10 To 15 Days Of Taking Your Test.

Getting Scores Through Your ETS Account

Your official GRE® General Test Results will be accessible in your ETS account within 10 to 15 days following your test date. ETS will send you an email to let you know when they’re available.

Additionally, ETS will deliver an official Institution Score Report to the recipients you select on the test day.

GRE® General Test Scores Sent to Institutions

Certified score reports are sent to your designated institutions. This report includes:

  • your proposed graduate major
  • your contact details (name, email, and phone number)
  • GRE® Test Score(s) and the related percentile ranks that you choose to report with the ScoreSelect® option

Review a typical Institution Score Report (PDF).

No Option To Receive GRE® General Test Scores Via Mail

There is no option to receive a paper-based GRE® General Test score report via mail. If you wish to have a hard copy, you can take a printout of the PDF available on your ETS account.

Reinstating your GRE® General Test scores

If you have canceled your scores and would like to reinstate them, you can send a reinstatement request to ETS within 60 days after your test date. You can mail or fax a completed Score Reinstatement Form (PDF) along with payment to ETS. Fill out the form with your name, daytime phone number, registration number, birth date, and test date.

The form also allows you to select up to four score recipients at no additional cost. You need to specify the appropriate department codes (PDF) and indicate the scores you want to be sent. The ScoreSelect® option allows you to choose and send Subject Test scores from either the most recent test report or choose from the administrations over the last five years. It is advisable to select four score recipients while filling the form, or else you would have to pay a fee of US$27 per recipient to have the scores sent later.

Reinstated scores will be reported on the estimated score report mailing date for the Subject Test. These scores will be accessible in your ETS Account and sent to your chosen score recipients shortly after.

Sending Your Score

You can select up to four fellowship sponsors or graduate institutions to send out your scores on your test day (as part of your test fee). However, suppose you wish to send out your GRE® General Test scores at a later date or to more institutions. You may do so by ordering Additional Score Reports for a fee.

The ScoreSelect® Opportunity

With the option of ScoreSelect®, you can choose what test scores you want to send to your designated institutions. In addition, this option empowers you to select scores that highlight your personal best, making you more confident on the actual test day.

On the test day, you can opt to withhold your scores (and not send them instantly at the test center after viewing them), OR you can opt for either of the two options for four of your FREE score reports:

  • Most Recent — Send your current test administration scores.
  • All — Send all the valid and reportable scores of your GRE®Test administrations in the last five years.

After test day, you can send your score reports for a fee and choose what report(s) to send from the following options:

  • Most Recent — Send your latest test administration scores.
  • All — Send valid and reportable scores from all the GRE®Test administrations.
  • Any — Send valid and reportable scores from one or all of the GRE®Test administrations taken in the previous five years.

How Long Are Scores Reportable?

Your GRE® General Test scores are valid till five years after your test date. For instance, scores for a test taken on September 30, 2022, are reportable until August 1, 2027.

You can order Additional Score Reports for a fee of US$27 (per designated recipient) at any point during the five years.

Please note that processing requests to send your GRE scores to any recipient take roughly five business days. Thus, use your discretion to allow some buffer time to process your request—especially when your scores are nearing the expiration date else your scores may not be sent.

If Your Name Has Changed

ETS processes legal name changes of test takers provided you submit the appropriate documents for such requests. If your legal name has changed after taking the test and you need to send scores with the changed name, contact GRE Services for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, suppose your score lies in the 75th percentile; your score is reasonably good. It is outstanding if your score lies in or above the 90th percentile. If you score over 318, it is considered good. A score of 329 is excellent.  If you score under 300, it is a below-average score.

The maximum GRE score is 340. The minimum score is 260. The GRE® General Test Score for Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning Measures ranges from 130 to 170 in one-point increments.  Analytical Writing ranges from 0 to 6 in half-point increments. If you have not answered at least one question within a measure, an NS (No Score) is reported for that measure.

Each institution has its acceptance scores. Check with your institutions to find out about their eligibility criteria for admissions.