Grad School Articles

Your journey to and through a graduate, business or law program will be very different from your undergraduate experience. Explore dozens of articles to understand how to find programs that meet your needs, finance your education and best represent your potential to admissions committees.

Getting into Grad School is More Than Just a Numbers Game

You’re not just a number, at least not to grad school admissions committees. While your GRE® score (or whichever graduate... read more

How Many Grad Schools Should You Apply To?

This isn’t a throw enough spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks approach. The best decision is an informed one. What w... read more

Are You Too Old to Go to Grad School?

If there’s been a few years (or more than a few) between your undergrad experience and your decision to return to school,... read more

Why You should You Take a Test for Test-optional Schools

While some graduate schools have opted for a test-optional approach over the past few years, that number jumped significantly d... read more

Choosing Your Final Programs to Apply To

Decisions, decisions. It’s time to pick the graduate school program winners that will receive your application. By now, you sho... read more

What is a Statement of Purpose for Grad School?

Graduate program admissions committees want to know more about you than just your GPA and how well you can score on a test. The... read more