Grad School Articles

Your journey to and through a graduate, business or law program will be very different from your undergraduate experience. Explore dozens of articles to understand how to find programs that meet your needs, finance your education and best represent your potential to admissions committees.

Why You Should Take Standardized Tests for Grad School

While it may not make your top 10 favorite things to do list, taking a standardized test is usually necessary for grad school a... read more

How to Find Scholarships, Grants and Other Free Money

The cost of a graduate degree is as varied as the number of programs available. Your chosen field of study and whether you choo... read more

How an MBA Can Help Your Career

Between 2018 and 2019 there were 833,706 master’s degrees conferred in the United States, according to NCES data.* Of those, ne... read more

What Are the Fastest Growing and Highest Paying Graduate Degrees?

Creating more career opportunities and earning a higher salary are arguably the top two reasons most people pursue a graduate d... read more

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