TOEIC Bridge® Tests

Measures basic to intermediate prociency levels of English listening and reading skills for practical, everyday use.

Why use the TOEIC Bridge tests?

The TOEIC Bridge Listening and Reading tests enables organizations to assess English- language communication skills that are used in the workplace, from telephone conversations and meetings, to information analysis.

Scores with Meaning

ETS uses research-based test design and development, and a rigorous scoring process, to ensure that the TOEIC Bridge tests deliver fair and valid results. Official score certicates and score reports provide reliable and consistent data that accurately reect individuals’ foundational ability to communicate in English. They also provide meaningful performance feedback to identify individuals' relative strengths and weaknesses with respect to different English-language communication skills.

Score reports provide reliable, consistent data on an individual's ability to communicate using fundamental English, to inform decision making in these key areas:

  • Make hiring, promotion and job assignment decisions
  • Ensure students meet English-language program entrance and exit requirements
  • Monitor learning progress, optimize teaching practices and gauge program effectiveness
  • Help develop individuals on the path to advanced English-language prociency

Test Format and Content

The TOEIC Bridge tests provide meaningful feedback on a test taker's ability to comprehend basic spoken exchanges of information, understand simple written texts, carry out spoken communication tasks in familiar workplace and everyday life contexts, and write simple texts, notes and messages in English.


The test consists of 50 questions grouped into 4 parts according to question type. Test takers respond to descriptions, questions, conversations and talks in English.


The test consists of 50 questions grouped into 3 parts according to question type. Test takers are asked to complete sentences in written English and answer questions about short informational texts.

Teaching and Learning Resources

The TOEIC program offers various teaching and learning resources for the TOEIC Bridge tests. These resources support success for test takers and those responsible for English-language teaching and training.

Propell® Teacher Workshops

Propell® Teacher Workshops provide English-language teachers and corporate trainers with instructional techniques that help them prepare test takers for the TOEIC Bridge tests. These hands-on, interactive sessions are led by ETS-approved facilitators. They explore different approaches to language training that can improve the real-world English prociency of learners. Workshop participants have the opportunity to network with peers, enhance their teaching and curriculum development skills and obtain valuable professional development credentials.

Learn more about Propell Teacher Workshops at

Additional Resources

Available resources include the TOEIC Bridge Score User Guides, Examinee Handbooks, and sample tests and questions. These materials provide guidance for all two test modules and are available at

Case Study

For Canon Inc. employees around the world, a high level of English ability is critical for success-but offering training that ts into their busy schedules and matches their diverse needs is a challenge.

To address it, Canon implemented in-house training opportunities adapted for different learning styles and time constraints. These efforts are supported by the TOEIC Bridge test and TOEIC Listening and Reading test, with the goal of encouraging employees to steadily improve their English-language skills.


Organization: Canon Inc.
Location: Japan
Company Size: 190,000+ employees

About: Originally established in 1937 as camera manufacturer Precision Optical Industry, Co., Ltd., Canon Inc. has successfully diversied and globalized to become a leader in professional and consumer imaging equipment, industrial equipment and information systems.

Global Leadership

More than 600 government organizations from 25 different countries trust the TOEIC program to assess everyday and workplace English-language prociency

Worldwide Usage

Government entities across ve continents use the TOEIC assessments to support their English language learning goals, including healthcare, travel and hospitality, food services, and the police and military

Guiding Top Economies

The TOEIC® program is used by organizations in 9 out of 10 of the world's largest economies.

ETS India

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