Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully and ensure that you understand the conditions of the 2nd Edition of UK-India TOEFL Scholarship (“Scholarship”).

The Scholarship is applicable for Indian citizens and valid passport holders of India who have taken the TOEFL iBT exam between April 1st and July 15th, 2024 and scored not less than 75 out of 120 marks. An applicant at the time of making an application for the scholarship shall not be a party or in any manner related to any litigation in India or outside India.

  • Applicants should be aware that eligibility to apply for the scholarship does not guarantee that such eligible applicant will receive the scholarship.
  • The selection criteria of all the applications are assessed in a non-discriminatory, confidential, efficient, and transparent manner. The selection process will be based upon a comparison of the merits of all applicants applying for the scholarship. However, in no case shall ETS India accept any request for reconsideration of results / notifications of outcome.
  • The scholarship will only be offered to such applicants who have an admission offer letter from any University in the United Kingdom for Fall2024 or Spring2025 and verification of the submitted academic credentials. The successful recipient should be enrolling for the first time in any UK University.
  • The applicant is solely responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of all information submitted in your application, including, but not limited to, TOEFL scores and other details. If any information submitted is found to be inaccurate, misleading, or unverifiable, ETS India reserves the right to reject your application in its entirety.
  • The successful recipient of the scholarship must accept these terms and the scholarship offered by ETS India Private Limited (“ETS India”) before the deadline i.e., 15th July 2024.
  • ETS India reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship if the successful recipient of scholarship is subsequently found to be ineligible or if these terms and conditions are not adhered to by the successful recipient. ETS India also reserves the right to amend its scholarship provision without notice.
  • Successful recipient shall forthwith inform ETS India of any other scholarship(s) being held or has been awarded at a later date (after the UK-India TOEFL Scholarship has been awarded) to the successful recipient.
  • In case a candidate becomes eligible for more than one scholarship, award, prize, etc by whatever name called byETS during April 2024 and Sep2024, the candidate will be eligible for only 1 such award which is of the highest value.
  • The successful recipient shall not deny acting as an ambassador for TOEFL and participating in advertisement campaigns or international events and such other activities to promote TOEFL or other products being offered by ETS India, as and when required by the ETS India and on any platform as ETS India may deem fit. Successful recipients of the UK-India TOEFL Scholarship will be required to act as a TOEFL Student Ambassador for the duration of their studies, which may involve but is not limited to the following:
    • Representing as a TOEFL Student Ambassador at Events, Conferences, etc.
    • Contributing to marketing and promotional activities such as writing blogs, creating video testimonials, etc.
    • Participating in International student events
    • Engaging with the TOEFL program as a valued member of our global alumni
  • The successful recipient shall, after their course tenure, shall upon the request of ETS India speak to other potential applicants as a global alumnus about UK-India TOEFL Scholarship, their personal experience regarding the whole process of pre-scholarship and post-scholarship duration, etc.
  • The successful recipient shall be required to repay the scholarship amount, in full or pro-rata basis as ETS India may deem fit and proper, in the event the successful recipient withdraws from the course before its completion. In the event successful recipient withdraws from the course before its completion due to any medical reasons, he/she shall be required to submit a copy of medical reports to ETS India.
  • The responsibility of ETS India is only limited to the extent of payment of the scholarship amount (in INR) to the successful recipient / successful recipient’s indicated bank accounts.
  • ETS India has the absolute discretion in the grant of scholarship and any decision of ETS India in this regard shall be final and binding on the applicants and successful.
  • Any disputes arising out of these terms and conditions and/or grant of the UK-India TOEFL Scholarship shall be subject to the courts of New Delhi, India.