It comes as no surprise that societies have codes of behaviour; the character of the codes, on the other hand,
    can often be _________


    Although it does contain some pioneering ideas, one would hardly characterize the work as __________.


    It was her view that the country’s problems had been _______ by foreign technocrats, so that to ask for such
    assistance again would be counterproductive.


    Her ________ should not be confused with miserliness; as long as I have known her, she is ever willing to
    assist those in need.


    A misconception frequently held by novice writers is that sentence structure mirrors thought: the more
    convoluted the structure, the more _____ the ideas.


    Fill in the blanks with the given words.

    Authority emerged Civilization community agriculture 

    • _____________plays a vital role in a country’s economy since it is related to people’s food supply.
    • People believed that early ____________ in China started around the Yellow River, and then gradually
      developed into a more advanced society with its own culture.
    • People were overwhelmed when smart phones first __________ and became part of their daily lives.
    • Hollywood, a large ___________ of film industry, consists of groups of celebrities and filmmakers in Los
    • I gave my mother the ____________ to deal with the housing documents on my behalf, so she has the power to
      sell the house at a fair price.

    a. Emerged b.Community c. Authority d. Civilization e. Agriculturea.Authority b.Community c. Emerged d. Civilization e. Agriculturea.Authority b. Civilization c. Emerged d.Community e. Agriculturea.Agriculture b. Civilization c. Emerged d.Community e. Authority

    Read the passage below and answer the question.

    How Civilization Developed Modern humans appeared between 100,000 and 200,000 years ago, and survived by moving
    from one place to another, looking for food. Humans hunted wild animals, and ate nuts, fruits, and seeds. Since
    humans were always searching for food and water sources, they slowly travelled across large regions of the
    world. These movements were also caused by the weather. In fact, humans used to move whenever weather conditions
    became too bad. It was only after the developments of fire and then agriculture that humans started settling

    a. What factors always guided people’s movements in early civilizations?

    1._______________ 2.__________________ 3._______________________

    1. Water sources, 2. Weather, 3. Food sources1. Food sources, 2. Water sources, 3. Weather1. Food sources, 2. Wild Animals, 3. weather1. Fire, 2. Wild Animals, 3. Weather

    Quantity A: The least prime number greater than 24

    Quantity B: The greatest prime number less than 28

    Quantity A is greater.Quantity B is greater.The two quantities are equal.The relationship cannot be determined from the information given.

    Lionel is younger than Maria.

    Quantity A -Twice Lionel’s age

    Quantity B - Maria’s age

    Quantity A is greater.Quantity B is greater.The two quantities are equal.The relationship cannot be determined from the information given

    Which of the following numbers is farthest from the number 1 on the number line?


    A car got 33 miles per gallon using gasoline that cost $2.95 per gallon. Approximately what was the cost, in dollars, of the gasoline used in driving the car 350 miles?


    Each employee of a certain company is in either Department X or Department Y, and there are more than twice as many employees in Department X as in Department Y. The average (arithmetic mean) salary is $25,000 for the employees in Department X and $35,000 for the employees in Department Y. Which of the following amounts could be the average salary for all of the employees of the company? Indicate all such amounts.


    Which of the following integers are multiples of both 2 and 3? Indicate all such integers.


    The figure above shows the graph of the function f in the xy-plane. What is the value of f (f (-1)) ?


    Of the 700 members of a certain organization, 120 are lawyers. Two members of the organization will be selected at random. Which of the following is closest to the probability that neither of the members selected will be a lawyer?

    There is a rectangular garden with a walkway around it. The garden is 18 feet long and 12 feet wide. The walkway is uniformly 3 feet wide, and its edges meet at right angles. What is the area of the walkway?