How To Start Your Grad School Search

Returning to school, whether right after undergrad or after years in the workforce, can be an overwhelming decision with lots of factors to take into consideration.

The search for a graduate school starts and ends with what best fits your needs and lifestyle. Many programs have created flexible schedules and financial plans that make grad school accessible to more students than ever.

While school rankings may seem appealing on some level, your search shouldn’t be focused on prestige or publicity, but rather which schools can provide you with the education and degree that you need in order to enhance your career options.

What types of questions should you ask yourself?

  • What type of degree do I need for the career I’m currently in or eventually want to have?
  • Do I want to study on campus? If so, what kind of housing options are available?
  • Do I want an online program that I can complete on my own time?
  • Will a program allow me to take a few classes at a time, or do I have to register for a full schedule each semester?
  • What does the program cost?
  • Is financial aid available?

Searching for grad school programs is easy, but finding the RIGHT grad school program takes research. Starting with the right questions will help ensure that you find the answers you need to make an informed decision that will lead to a productive next stage in your career.